Hi, I am Kaylee Murphy!

Your new weight loss coach.

Who I am What I do

Hello and welcome

I am taking a stand for midlife-ish women – so that they can feel confident, lean, tone….and maybe a little bit sexy too!

As a women gets older losing weight loss  becomes  way more challenging! Weight gain happens too easily.  Especially during and after menopause.  Metabolism slows down to snails pace due to hormonal shifts, stress, impact of lifestyle, and loss of lean muscle mass (which is a normal part of aging).

The AWESOME news is you can reverse the impacts of aging on your body without dieting!  Learn life-style habits that encompass eating  the right portions and combinations of whole foods, exercising with weights or other forms of resistance training, reducing stress, becoming more active every day  and keeping a positive “I’m never to old to get more lean!” mindset.

 It’s starts with your desire to lose weight.  Followed by your commitment  to making a lean body your reality.  What are you waiting for?   You can do this! 

About me

I’m an expert at helping women make the behavioral changes needed to lose weight and keep it off for good!  There is no counting calories here or spending hours sweating on a treadmill.  All that is required is a commitment to making yourself a priority and the willingness to try out new habits that lead to weight loss,  improved health and  energy boosts.  You’ll feel more confident too (just a little bonus of the whole lean lifestyle shebang!)

What I can do for you

Fat Burning Meal Programs

Burn body fat with the right portions of whole foods!  Learn about meal timing, carb cycling  and other techniques that will melt the fat off your body while you eat delicious satisfying meals.

Get Tone And Lean

Eating plenty of lean sources of protein combined with weight training or resistance training will boost your metabolism while you tone up and get lean.

Weight Loss Success Mindset

Thoughts and feelings about your body, losing weight, eating healthy and exercising will determine if you will be successful at reaching your weight loss goals.  Learn how to think like a lean person!

Break Free From Emotional Eating

Many women turn to food when overwhelmed by emotions.  Emotional eating can sabotage efforts to lose weight.  Learn tools to break free from emotional eating.

Making YOU a Priority

Too many women put themselves last when it comes to self-care that leads to improved health and weight loss.  Learn how to set healthy boundaries and begin taking care of your body and your health,  a priority above all else!

Lean Lifestyle

Sustainable weight loss happens when you follow daily habits that keep your body lean and healthy.  Beyond eating and exercising, sleep, stress reduction and support play a huge role in keeping weight off over the long-term.

You should also know…

Fad diets don’t work.  In fact research shows that women who follow restrictive diets gain MORE weight afterwards.  What is proven to work?  Adopting healthy life-style habits. The plan I teach is clean, simple and fun.  You can do this!!

Ready to ditch yo-yo dieting and learn life-style habits that are proven to help you lose weight and keep it off?

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