Kaylee Murphy, LICSW

Therapy for a Well-Nourished Life:
Mind, Body, Food & Mood

Who I am What I do

Hey, I‘m glad you’re here!

I’m taking a stand for women who have a love-hate relationship with food.

Sometimes they love it too much. Other times they hate it and claim that the binge “will never happen again”.

But it does…

Some women call this cycle emotional eating, binge eating, overeating, out-of-control eating, stress eating, hedonistic eating, mindless eating or “I can’t stay consistent with my diet”.

These women are smart and motivated to have an extraordinary life, but food stands in the way of it. It’s so freakin’ frustrating!

I’m dedicated to guiding these women through the journey to freedom — so that they can break free from the hold food has on them.

Food then becomes a source of pleasure, nourishment, and fuel for their bodies. What a relief!

 It starts with your desire to break free from the cycle of overeating. What are you waiting for?  You can do this! 

About me

I’m an expert at helping women break the cycle of emotional eating. All that’s required is a desire to change the way you’re doing things so that you can have more peace of mind, greater self-esteem and freedom from obsessing about food.

What I can do for you

Emotional Eating Breakthrough System™

Stop emotional eating! In this 13-week self-study program, you’ll learn all the skills that you need to break the cycle of binge eating (Investment $297). For more information, click here to contact us or set up a complimentary discovery session here.

Compassionate Weight Loss Group Coaching Program

Release the extra weight and keep it off without restrictive dieting! My compassionate weight loss program is proven to work. Delivered in a virtual group coaching format for 6 months. Investment is $147 per month. Registration opens two times per year. To learn more about the program, please contact us here or set up a complimentary discovery session here.

VIP "Fast Track" Program

If you’re ready to break the cycle of emotional eating or you just want to get a jump start on weight loss (using our compassionate method), this program will get you there. You get a high level of support and accountability to keep you moving forward towards your goals. This program is by application only. To apply, contact us here or schedule a discovery session here.

You should also know…

If you struggle with your relationship to food, it’s not your fault! You just haven’t learned the tools that will help yet. Let me show you how you can finally stop the cycle of overeating in just 13 weeks. Schedule your complimentary discovery session now.

Ready to break free from obsessing about what to eat next or stop beating yourself up for what you’ve already eaten?

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