About Me

OK… I’m not bragging, but these days I literally jump out of bed in the morning, excited for what lies ahead each day. No more feeling guilty about what I’ve eaten (or drank) the night before. I’ve finally made peace with my body AND with food!

Flashback to 3 years ago…

I was tired all the time, I felt like I was always in a fog and I was really frustrated because my clothes were too tight. My body was changing for sure. I couldn’t eat like I used to without it showing up on my hips, thighs, and belly. I had recently been through a terrible breakup and I just didn’t care what I ate or if I was working out. I was angry and kind of depressed. I ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted.

Around this time I hit rock bottom with my own health.

Every day looked like this:

• Drag myself out of bed each morning after hitting the snooze button a ton of times.

• Stuff myself into pants I could barely button and then try to hide my protruding belly with flowy tops.

• Avoid working out. I couldn’t care less about it, as I had no motivation.

• Chug caffeine all day (coffee, soda, diet ice tea) just to get through the workday.

Drink too much wine at night followed by a chocolate binge.

• Avoid social functions because I hated how I looked and felt.

• Constantly beat myself up and criticize my body and my eating/drinking habits.

I’m taking a stand for women who want to stop emotional eating and lose weight without restrictive diets or crazy exercise programs

Can you relate to any (or ALL) of that?

For me, it played out like a vicious cycle that went something like this:

HATING how I looked and felt → Feeling hopeless → Binge eating → Gaining weight → Working out harder → Following a strict diet → Seeing ZERO improvements → Emotional eating → Feeling defeated and depressed → HATING how I looked and felt… and so on.

Not. Good.

I realized that if I didn’t figure out how to change something, I was going to stay depressed and the problem would get worse.

But I didn’t understand what to change.

Even as a trained psychotherapist, I was clueless how to help myself!

All the diets. The extreme workouts. In public, not allowing myself to eat a piece of bread or a single french fry. In private, eating everything in sight.

I was hungry. I was tired. I was unhappy. I was overeating. I was gaining weight.

Even after seeing my doctor for advice she said: “eat healthy and exercise more”.

Not. Helpful.

I was starting to freak out!

My Breaking Point

My lowest point was when I was getting my nails done at my local salon and the young nail tech said with a soft smile “When is your baby due?”.

I was 52 years old and so embarrassed.

Never in my life had someone asked me that question when I was NOT pregnant.

At this point, I just lost it!

But I knew I had a secret. I was claiming that I was “eating healthy” all the time and this was not true.

Yes, about 60% of the time I was trying to eat to lose weight, but I was so strict with myself that I was hungry and bored. The other 40% of the time was filled with overeating whatever the heck I wanted.

If you’re like me, you’re a driven woman and you want to live an exceptional life. You don’t mind working hard for what you want.  But when you can’t figure out how to change your relationship to food, fear starts to set in… and then comes the hopelessness and the despair.

For months I kept blaming my fad diet for not keeping me on track.

Finally, I got certified as a nutrition coach so that I could find my own answers and I started studying emotional eating solutions.

After 3 months of implementing what I was learning about nutrition, emotional eating and lifestyle habits, my body shifted and I released the weight.

I had my energy and confidence back.

Who can benefit?

YOU! I want to help women like you to get your body back so that you can feel confident and happy in your clothes and in your skin. And so your energy and confidence are soaring sky high.

So how does getting your body back look & feel for you?

– fitting into your favorite clothes again
– seeing the belly and bra-area fat disappear
– feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin
– having tons of energy so that you get that bounce back in your step
– feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin

When you know how to crack the code on your body’s fat burning mechanisms and maintain your perfect level of energy, success doesn’t have to come at a cost.

I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition & exercise. My formula will help you to fuel the unique needs of your body while boosting your energy and self-confidence.

I really want to help you get your body back plus your energy and confidence too. So, let’s make it happen!

What if I could show you what your body uniquely needs so that you can love how you look and feel?

Sign up for a complimentary discovery session and learn how easy it can be to feel comfortable again in your own skin… permanently!

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