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Part 1 of 3: How to Break The Cycle of Weekend Binge Eating

Do you work so hard to be “good” all week with eating only the right foods and avoiding the “bad stuff”, just to find that you lose control and go overboard with eating and maybe drinking on the weekends?   Then you wake up on Monday morning full of regret, feeling like crap and committed […]

Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t?

Have you ever been at a family event and you’re excited to have a piece of your Aunt’s special pie (it’s a holiday tradition!), but as you’re enjoying and savoring each bite, a family member awkwardly shuffles over to you and says something like:  “Dear…aren’t you on a diet? Are you allowed to eat that?” […]


It’s Time for Another 5 Day Walking Challenge!

  Last year I ran my first 5 Day Walking Challenge and it was so much fun! I host these challenges to help support you in creating a new daily walking habit and to show you how this can help you to break free from the cycle of emotional eating. In preparation for our next walking challenge […]


Confessions of a Part-Time Secret Binge Eater

Why do some women seem to make dieting look easy while others can’t stay consistent? I’ve always wondered this when I was trying the latest fad diet. Sticking with a diet plan was really hard for me. This is why I now follow and teach my clients about a 100% non-diet plan. It works and they […]


How To Enjoy The Holidays Without Going Overboard

Most of us know the things that we need to do to stay healthy and to avoid gaining weight during the holiday season. But honestly… it’s so hard to practice. We’re busy. We’re stressed. We’re tempted! Here are 6 tips that will help. 1: Fill your plate (and your belly) with the best combination of […]


Get Control Over Weekend Overeating This December

December is a notorious time for overeating, especially on the weekends. You may find yourself being strict all week and then BAM! The weekend comes with parties and events galore! So many people tell me with sadness in their voice “but, I was good all week!”. Every weekend they end up overeating. I get it. […]


3 Steps To Get Back On Track After You’ve Fall Off The Wagon

So you’ve fallen off your diet wagon… or is it the workout wagon… or both? I feel you! It’s happened to me several times too. Especially on vacations, over holidays, during times of stress, or just because. Why Is It So Hard To Get Back On Track? From my own experience and witnessing my clients […]

Lean And Clean Grocery Shopping

Unfortunately, many women don’t take the real steps needed to lose weight. I hope that you’ll be one of the women who does it differently. Cuz without action taking….nothing really changes. I believe that the reality is that there are a lot of women that just look at one diet after the next, searching for […]

Time For A Pantry Raid!

Got tempting treats and snacks hiding in your cabinets? Fat filled frozen treats and TV dinners stored in your freezer? Your only human after all…. It’s not easy to have your favorite junk foods on hand. At any moment of weakness, you’ll be hard pressed to stop yourself from reaching for them. So let’s make […]


How To Destroy Obstacles Keeping You Overweight

One of the reasons why trying to lose weight is so hard is that there’s no instant gratification. You have to follow a plan for at least a week, if not more, to even begin seeing evidence that you’re on the right track. At the beginning of your weight-loss journey, it’s hard not to get […]