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“The first step is simply to DECIDE you will make it happen. No matter what.”                                                                            ~ Kaylee

About Kaylee

Welcome! I’m Kaylee Murphy. My purpose is to help women, like you, lose excess weight and keep it off for good, without sacrificing your favorite foods or spending hours inside the gym.

Maybe now you’re thinking, “Hmmm Kaylee, that sounds too good to be true…” And guess what? I totally get it.

I’ve been there – through the frustrating yoyo diet-roller-coaster-ride, and confused about whether to go Paleo or follow the Fat Flush plan and oh yeah, that constant overwhelming feeling when you get ready in the morning and none of your clothes fit right.

A little over a year ago, I almost gave in to my body’s slow metabolism.  I was 52 years old, going through menopause and my metabolism felt like it had the brakes on.  I was gaining weight easily and I couldn’t get it off my body! What use to work in my “younger years” was no longer working.  

I just needed to figure out how to crack the code on my metabolism.  So rather than giving up, I made a commitment to figure it out and 3 months later I was back fitting into my favorite jeans! Yippie! 

“Feel lack of motivation?  Be healthy anyways” ~ Kaylee 

Let me be 100% transparent with you. Despite my background as a psychotherapist, I had a lot of my own personal work to do to make this happen.  First I had to believe that I could lose the weight and then I had to commit to it.  Next I had to go find the method that would work for my body, so I did my research and decided to get trained by a highly reputable coaching company that has helped over 45.000 people lose weight with it’s gentle yet effective methods.  I learned how shifting one simple habit at a time can make a profound impact on your metabolism and ultimately your health.

Now I have committed myself to helping women lose weight and learn habits that will keep the weight off for good. What I teach my clients is a sustainable plan they can use for the rest of their lives, if they chose.  Rather than going on another diet, It’s really about learning a new way of living.

So are you ready to have the body, health and energy you deserve, without sacrificing your favorite foods or spending tons of time in the gym?

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Professional Bio

Kaylee Murphy is a therapist turned weightloss coach with a relentless passion for working with women over 50 who want to lose weight and feel great, both inside and out. She loves helping her clients overcome the barriers that have been standing in the way of losing weight permanently.

As a divorced mom of 4 growing up kids, Kaylee knows first hand how being constricted by responsibilities and obligations can impact reaching weightloss goals.  Her underlying mission is to help women feel freedom that can be achieved when you know how to eat and exercise for your body.

In addition to coaching women through their weightloss journies, Kaylee is a trained psychotherapist with a private practice in the Boston area. She received her Masters Degree from Boston College Graduate School of Social Work and she has a Bachelor of Science from Babson College. Over the past 6 years, Kaylee has had the good fortune of training with some of the best coaches. She was recently certified as a Divine Living Coach and by Precision Nutrition.

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