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I never worried about my metabolism until I hit 50.  I was one of the lucky ones; in my younger years I easily lost weight once I put my mind to it just by exercising a little more and eating a bit healthier.  But that all changed right around the time I celebrated my 50 th birthday.
Since then I’ve been trying to figure out how to speed up my metabolism without harsh diets or extreme exercise. About a year ago I figured it out.
 I like to eat so I don’t want to be restricted from foods that I love.  I also don’ t mind exercising but I don’t want to be a slave to the gym.  That is why this plan was easy for me to stick with and get results from.  Check it out by clicking here.
Before I found this plan, I had no idea I was making  3 mistakes that were actually slowing down my metabolism even more!
Mistake #1:  Your Diet Is Too Strict
You should raise the red flag if you are trying to follow a  diet that severely cuts calories.  Not enough calories puts your body into “fear of starvation mode” where it will slow your metabolism down to conserve the limited fuel that you give it.
Instead you can learn how to get enough of the right foods that will boost your metabolism.
Mistake #2:  You Never Cheat On Your Diet
Did you know that cheating on your diet can actually fire up your metabolism since the body suddenly has to work a little harder to digest and process the additional food?  This doesn’t mean it is time to binge to the point of feeling sick to your stomach but it does mean occasionally eating larger portion sizes or having your favorite treat is a good thing.  (I’m eating pizza as I write this LOL)
That is why I include 2 cheat meals per week in the Metabolism Reboot plan.
Mistake #3:  Waiting Until You Are Really Hungry To Eat

When you are trying to lose weight, all the focus goes into what to eat and what to avoid.  But the timing of your meals also needs to be taken into consideration.   In order for your metabolism to be chugging along like a well oiled machine it needs regular intervals of high quality food.  Ignoring your bodies signs of hunger and white knuckling through a growling stomach  just puts your body back into that “fear of starvation mode” I mentioned in Mistake #1.  Also  if you let your hunger really build up, you are more like to give in to a binge on food that isn’t so healthy.

Having a plan to eat satisfying meals that have the right food combinations and portion sizes will keep you out of starvation mode.  This is exactly what I give you in my easy to follow Metabolism Reboot program

CheersTo Your Health!